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In The Studio — preparing for Worldcon!
This year it will be in San Jose, and I know the way – to it and around it – because I was raised there! (a loooooong time ago....)
Paintings tagged will (probably) be in the Worldcon 76 Art Show!  ~  click icons to comment on Facebook!

"Fleet Week"
11"x14" & 14"x18" & 11"x14" (Triptych) Acrylic on stretched canvasses

My one and only* panel at WorldCon75 in Messukeskus / Helsinki, Finland

* The shipping cost to Finland was daunting, but I'll be bringing my paintings to San José, so I've reserved SIX panels!   I should probably get busy...

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  OryCon Art Show   >>
Six Paintings — sorry (NOT!) but they all sold.

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"Rogue Planet"

"The Woman on the Moon Created the Milky Way to Feed Her Cats"
28" x 22", Acrylic on stretched canvas
Donated to the Grants Pass Museum of Art for the 2017 "Black, White and the Blues" Auction

Painted in 1988, when I was half my current age   ~   24"x30", acrylic on canvas
Recently re-acquired from original purchaser/brother — serious offers considered!

"Break Time"
From my debut exhibition at Westercon 32 (1979)
(kidnapped by my grandmother shortly thereafter and eventually rescued from her estate)
Acrylic on canvas stretched over plywood, 20" diameter

"Linda's Moon" ~ mural with bongos

"It is the business of the future to be dangerous"
                ~ Alfred North Whitehead

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