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Feeling positively Bonestellian!
in The Studio, preparing for another Worldcon

This time (2018) it was in San Jose, and I knew the way – to it and around it – because I was raised there! (a loooooong time ago....)
Paintings tagged were in the Worldcon 76 Art Show!
some sold and some didn't  ~   click icons to comment on Facebook!

"Ships from Earth"
12"x16" & 18"x24" & 12"x16" (Triptych) Acrylic/Mixed-media on stretched canvasses
mounted in a shadowbox frame with internal ultraviolet (led) illumination

"Fleet Week"
11"x14" & 14"x18" & 11"x14" (Triptych) Acrylic on stretched canvasses

"Barsoom" 16-inch sphere painted in acrylic,
mounted on a refurbished 1940s art deco globe stand -- gold leafed, coppered, and set with rhinestones!

"Nergal" 16-inch sphere painted in acrylic,
mounted on a contemporary wrought-iron globe stand, inset with faux polished Mars rocks in hammered steel findings

below: My one and only* panel at WorldCon75 in Messukeskus / Helsinki, Finland
* The shipping cost to Finland was daunting, but I'll be bringing my paintings to San José, so I've reserved SIX panels!   I should probably get busy...

Open this link to view my entries in the 2017
  OryCon Art Show   >>
Six Paintings — sorry (NOT!) but they all sold.

"Rogue Planet"

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"The Woman on the Moon Created the Milky Way to Feed Her Cats"
28" x 22", Acrylic on stretched canvas
Donated to the Grants Pass Museum of Art for the 2017 "Black, White and the Blues" Auction

Painted in 1988, when I was half my current age   ~   24"x30", acrylic on canvas
Recently re-acquired from original purchaser — serious offers considered!

"Break Time"
From my debut exhibition at Westercon 32 (1979)
(kidnapped by my grandmother shortly thereafter and eventually rescued from her estate)
Acrylic on canvas stretched over 3/8" plywood, 20" diameter

"Linda's Moon" ~ mural with bongos

"It is the business of the future to be dangerous"
                ~ Alfred North Whitehead

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